Swimming Pool Renovation

A new look to your pool with a fibreglass lining renovation.

Is your pool faded, stained by algae or cracked and leaking?
Have all your efforts to clean it or repair leaks been a lesson in futility?

Pool Menders have a permanent, guaranteed solution.With competent staff that has over (20) years experience in pool renovation, repairs and resurfacing, we will transform your pool and restore it back to new! 

Pool Menders offer a choice of marbalite and fibreglass resurfacing. Both can be applied to existing pool surfaces, offering a long lasting and durable finish. Fiberglass has the added benefit of providing a non-abrasive, easily cleaned and algae repellent surface. Fibreglass pools require less chemicals and thus monthly costs are reduced.

Over time this reduction in expensive maintenance will pay back the cost of the repair and continue to provide years of savings.

In just three days, our team will drain, clean and resurface your pool and within a week from commencement you will be enjoying a leak free and renovated sparkling new pool.

Call Pool Menders today for an obligation free quotation and let the professionals take care of your pool renovation.

Pool Menders is affiliated with Prosolar, solar pool heating systems. For more information on their pool heating products, please visit www.prosolar.co.za


Renovated Pool
Renovated Pool



Refurbished Pool
Refurbished Pool